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YunJae Fanfic Rec list
*Due to my lack of time and laziness, I'll just post the title and links... Thank u and Enjoy.
**I've read somewhere that some authors don't want their fan fiction to be posted on other accounts and such.
So please do inform me if you want your fictions to be remove.

Case Fucked by yunho (one shot)
Cum What May by yunho (C)
Handcuffs and Hookups by Sekushiai (C)
Matchmaker by Sekushiai (C)
Business Affairs by Sekushiai (C)
Secretly Using You by Honeybunnies (C)
Gravity by memoryRy (C)
You Again by SuperBlue (C)
I Bloody Hate You by EHHLLIIE (C)
Teach Me How to Love by stopmeifucan17 (C)
Sex Doll by KoreanPop (C)
A Life as a Maid by ViviChenny (C)
Wrong Number! by Kimyunjae (C)
Mr. Friday by yunjaemania (C)
My Number 1 Enemy by junsusie (C)
Yunnie, I'm Ready! Let's Get It On! by stopmeifucan17 (C)
Suppress by little_passions (one shot)
President's Paradise by be_ddelusionall (one shot)
Gender Bender by chocolick (one shot)
Two of Us by yukimiya87 (C)
My Beautiful Innocent Wifey Boojae by Kimyunjae (C)
A Father's Love by Lilikoi (C)

Apartment Romance

Filling Holes
Naughty Naughty
Hot Rod
Sleeping Habits
Slush Puppet
Truth or Dare
Miss You in My Bed
Sleeping Beauty
Better than Fiction
Honey, Baby, Sweetheart
Freedom in Speech